Cross Breed
  • Male
  • 8 yrs 6 mths
  • Not HDB Approved
  • SPCA, 62875355

Tye has grown into a handsome pup without losing the exuberance of his younger self. Given his nature, it is safe to say that there is nothing he enjoys more than playtime with other friends, and having a patient human by his side while he learns to be brave in unfamiliar environments. With consistent and humane approaches, he has been learning to be comfortable with handling and is slowly but surely gaining confidence in the process – not without a trick or two in the bag!

LIKES: Greeting and playing with most other dogs
Learning new tricks (and what a quick learner too!)
Open spaces to run about and explore

AVOID: Entering his kennel without supervision
Quick, sudden movements that can startle or excite him to jump
Forcing a collar/harness on him as he can be frightened
Pulling him if he stalls as he will struggle with the leash


This dog marked Adoption By Appointment (ABA) will require you to make a prior appointment to view and interact with him. He needs more specialized care and training and therefore a counselor well versed with this dog will be at hand during the appointed meeting. Please call 62875355 ext 24 to make an appointment. If you are unable to get through to speak to someone, please leave a voice message and a staff or volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible.

To adopt Tye, please contact the number / email listed above or fill in the following form below which will send an email to the welfare group:

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