24 Dec 2015

Happy has an extra special fondness in my heart

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Visited Happy, a re-homed stray I used to feed since he was a pup. I do love all my strays, rescued and re-homed pups and dogs but Happy has an extra special fondness in my heart... something so hard to comprehend or it's probably because he's one very vocal dog who tries his best to communicate with you. Haha!

Happy was 3.5 years old when I decided it was time to go against the workers and try to have him re-homed instead, as he was getting too friendly with humans outside the construction site and my fear of him being caught by the authorities!

Thanks to the right timing of the first ever Nat Geo Free Pet Shop adoption event in 2012 and an invitation by the kind volunteers of Noah's Ark Cares to utilize their adoption booth, Happy was brought back home for a good scrub-bath and comfortable night's rest for the next day's big event.

Happy had a few potential adopters. But the one who somewhat grabbed my heart was a loving couple, who not only was one of the first to view Happy in the morning, but came all the way back from home, nearing the end of the event, just to see Happy again saying they "miss Happy"! The couple with two grown up sons were first time dog owners who had no experience at all in looking after a dog, what more, a big stray dog like Happy. But I believe intuition too plays an important part in rehoming and I felt they were the right family for Happy! So instead of sending Happy back to the site and going through the list of potential adopters, Happy was whisked off in the late evening to his new found family's home.


Happy has now been with the Ong family for nearly 3 years and I must say he is one of the luckiest stray adult dog to have not only found a good home but a family who dotes on him, sees to his every need, ever so patient with him when Happy stubbornly refuses to move another step during his walks and overly pampers him. He's treated like royalty indeed!

Thank you Sunny, Angeline, Cornelius and Thaddeus in giving Happy the most wonderful home ever! Love you my dear special boy Happy, and may you always stay healthy and happy.