17 Jan 2016

Lucky, the canteen dog

Shared by Jocelyn Tean at https://www.facebook.com/joycelyn.tean/posts/1027426487308932?pnref=story

Lucky the canteen dog who was badly wounded in Nov, was discharged in early December and found a loving adopter very quickly.

We finally got to visit him today, and boy, we saw a different Lucky! He wags his tail when he sees his beloved caregivers and feeders, Mei Mei, Yu Hua Jie & her husband. He is all smiles, with so much life in his eyes.

Perhaps he never really got to experience living in a home back then, but now he has come to enjoy chewing a rawhide like a little puppy.

Lucky has also managed to lose 15kg of excess weight. He was 40kg a month ago, and now he weighs at 25kg! What we saw today was a very fit dog ( still a little too chubby, haha ). Very soon, we hope he would regain his mobility again.

Finally, thank you so much Julie for taking such good care of Lucky. Words can't describe our happiness for him, knowing he is in such good hands. We hope more elderly street dogs will share the same happy ending.