27 Aug 2014


Shared by Clare Kon at https://www.facebook.com/Almond.der.doggie at https://www.facebook.com/notes/voices-for-animals/adopters-column-cookies-story-by-clare-kon/710444202337421

Celeste was adopted from a retired breeding dog, from Voices For Animals on 15 July 2013. We brought our first dog Almond along, intending to get her a fellow Westie as companion. Almond was totally disinterested until she spotted Celeste.It is hard to notice Celeste as no one took interest on her. Celeste walked near to the fence and they sniffed at each other. Amazingly, Almond did not growl or whine  compared to other furries. We let the two spend another 20 minutes together and their sisterhood blossomed. We renamed Celeste as Cookie. She returned home with us being frail and scrawny. She was down to her bones, an open wound near her throat.  The vet diagnosed her with skin problems and ear mites giving off a bad stench, her dental problems resulted her not able to chew properly.  We were informed that it might be a long journey for full recovery and requires not just daily administration of medication but also a lot of love.We were more convinced that we make a right choice to adopt her, to nurse her back to health and let her enjoy what she have missed out. We even thought she was mute as she was too weak to bark and if she did, it was a tiny coarse voiceShe was so frail that she fell asleep either in my arms or even at a standing position. When we tried to stroke her, give her belly rub, she shivered in fear.She was so boney that my family members and friends found it hard to cuddle her , afraid to hurt her. But she is begging for every moment of our presence and our touch. Cookie is now with us for 8 months and she has fully recovered. She's bubbly, a little naughty and barks just like other dogs.But whenever you see the sparkle in her eyes, you cant help smiling at this fella. She loves her daily walks and she hops on grass patches like a little lamb. She still falls asleep easily on my arms but no longer in fear but more so to win our affections and to make her sister jealous She has to live with the permanent fracture in her hind leg which refrain her from jumping or taking the stairs.But her big sister is more than willing to lead the way and allow us to carry Cookie to cross these hurdles. She has gained back her weight and fur and everyone cant lay their hands off her...and that of course make Almond jealous, and that makes  the complete picture of sisterhood.