25 Nov 2014

Fa, happily rehomed to Choo family

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Today we launch Project ADORE week! This is in conjunction with our Singapore Specials Run that is being held to raise funds for Project ADORE. Our run will take place this Sunday, 30th Nov 2014, at the East Coast Park.

To kick off this campaign, we would like to share the very heartwarming story of Fa, who was rehomed to the Choo family under Project ADORE.

In the family's words …

"When we first decided to have a dog, we were zooming in on all the toy breeds available as we live in an HDB flat. We were aware that whatever dog we get, it would have to be HDB approved. Hence, whenever we looked around, we would automatically cross out the larger ones even though we had always wanted a bigger four-legged companion. You can imagine our surprise when we went for an ASD adoption drive and realised that a really gentle and sweet brown medium sized mixed local dog named Fa was HDB-approved! Needless to say, Fa whom we renamed Smudgey Squirrel is now a member of the family.

Initially, several of my neighbours were a little wary of her because she is not your usual toy breed sized dog but after seeing how she would obediently take lift rides all the way to or from the 14th floor without barking or kicking up a fuss, they were won over. Many have commented that she is a very “guai” (Catonese for obedient) dog. Personality aside, we think it has to do with the compulsory obedience training course that all Project ADORE dogs have to undergo. The course instills in them the ability to listen to simple commands so they can be trained not to engage in behaviour that is threatening to others. However, her bigger size is an advantage too as I (Stacey who is the wife and mum of the family) now feel very safe to be jogging alone in the early mornings with her!

Being a Project ADORE adopter, we are convinced that it gives wonderful chances for both the humans and the dog. For those like us who like having bigger dogs, it gives us the chance to be the Mommy or Daddy of one. For the dog, it gives them a chance to be loved and to have a place to call home."