18 Nov 2014

Great news - We officially adopted #brandyboo!

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Great news- we officially adopted #brandyboo on Sunday! We've been so lucky to have found her and she's touched our hearts since we first met her at the nat geo adoption drive. Some background story: she's a 2 year old mother of 4 puppies (all pups have been adopted). She raised them for 9 months when they were found- almost put down by Ava but kept due to good temperament. (Yes, will try to do family reunion for them soon). Brandy is sweet, loving, friendly, smart and intuitive. Her street smarts combined with her personality have made her such a sociable furbie! Brandy is living proof that one should adopt, don't shop, and pls consider adopting the older dogs- they are mature, fully grown so u know what's their final size, and also their character is alr formed so u have an idea of their temperament. Thank you to Wendy from ASD and Mandy from Project DormSix for all their help and assistance. I was personally impressed with the way Project Dorm Six took care of and rehabilitated their dogs to ensure they are ready for adoption. They are protective, responsible and truly loving towards their boarders. Happy to share my adoption process experience w anyone who is keen to know more