Happy Tails

02 Mar 2014

The dog chooses you

I adopted Girl Girl the cocker spaniel when she was 6 from a factory at Tuas. I'm her 3rd (and final) owner...
08 Jun 2013

Tiger found after 1.5 months

On 26 Apr 2013, Tiger was missing from 71 Bodmin Drive, Serangoon Garden Estate. Her owners repeatedly pasted posters around the area and shared the Facebook post.
28 Mar 2013

The day Coco came home

When the doorbell rang, I was still wondering what surprise my mum had in store for me. I threw open the door and gaped at my new four legged friend.
18 Mar 2013

Cadbury reunited after 1 day

On 11 Feb 2013, while walking my dog, I spotted a poodle without collar. Without hesitation, I ran to carry him and brought him home.
18 Mar 2013

An Unending Love Journey

My love for animals (especially dogs) is really indescribable. And I honestly have my parents to thank for this. Ever since I was born, we've been keeping dogs at home and we never really bought any of them.