Guide Dogs in Singapore

Guide dogs are trained specially to lead visually impaired people around obstacles. The dogs wear a special harness indicating that they are guide dogs. In Singapore, there are 3 guide dogs approved under Guide Dogs Association of the Blind (GDAB) - Kendra belonging to Mr Kua Cheng Hock, Esme belonging to Ms Cassandra and Seretta belonging to Mr Alvin Ng.

The visually impaired and their guide dogs are legally allowed access into government-operated establishments, public transport, restaurants, food centres and shopping centres.

Do treat the people and their guide dogs with kindness and courtesy. You can offer your assistance by asking "would you like me to guide you?". If he accepts, let him take your arm. Speak directly to the person and try to be clear about your guidance. You can say "there are stairs 5 steps ahead of you" or tap on the chair to indicate it's there.

For more information, refer to Guide Dogs Association of the Blind.
Cassandra and Esme have a Facebook page!

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Guide Dogs in Singapore
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